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Aromatic characterization of sparkling wines obtained with innovative sugar substrates
ISVEA and WRT research on sparkling wines made with Crystalline Must (MCRS)
MCRS: advantages of crystalline must in the enrichment of musts and wines
Discover the technical advantages deriving from the use of MCRS in the enrichment of wines and musts.
ITALIAOGGI - NUMBER 197 PAGE. 20 OF 08/23/2023
On the wine ingredient label. Sugar first and foremost.
Interview with Maurizio Cambrea, CEO of Naturalia Ingredients, who talks about the MCRS and the opportunity for wine producers to use a product from the wine supply chain and boast its use on the label, given the obligation to publish the ingredients of the wine at starting from December 2023.
Wine: with new labels Naturalia Ingredients, a made in Italy resource for winemakers
Thanks to Adnkronos for telling our story! Our product based on the extraction of natural fruit sugars is revolutionizing the wine industry. Find out more on Adnkronos which talks about our Mosto Cristallino (MCRS) as a "made in Italy resource for winemakers".
L'Enologo JUNE N.6TH 2023
The sole crytalline grape must for an high quality wine making process
Vite & Vino N. 6/2019
Use of sugars in refermentation
Interview with Riccardo Cotarella, President of Assoenologi, on the use of sugars in refermentation.
L’ENOLOGO n.1-2 Gen-Feb 2023
New experimental evidence in sparkling winemaking with MCRS
The results of the experimental tests conducted by the Wine Research Team and Isvea
L’ENOLOGO n.9 set. 2022
MCRS for a quality and 100% raisins vinification
The advantages of MCRS in winemaking practices - W4W1 project
L’ENOLOGO n.9 sept. 2022
Happy birthday Naturalia
Naturalia: 10 years of activity
L’ENOLOGO n.5 mag. 2022
Special 75th Assoenologists Conference
Naturalia at the 75th Assoenologi Conference
NATURALIA INGREDIENTS. 10 years of MCRS, crystalline grape must
Naturalia: 10 years of activity
L’ENOLOGO n.4 apr. 2022
Naturalia Solid Rectified Concentrated Must. Quality, originality and identity for a 100% grape wine
Advantages of MCRS in oenology
L’ENOLOGO n.10 oct. 2021
Naturalia: a crisis overcome
Interview with DG Maurizio Cambrea
L’ENOLOGO n.9 sept. 2021
Enrichment with crystalMustGrape crystallized grape must, pure, natural, 100% from grapes
Benefits of MCRS in enrichment
CrystalMustGrape, solution for a wine project based on quality, originality and identity
The MCRS in oenology
From fruit to sugars: for natural, good and responsible sweetening
Presentation Naturalia Ingredients
L’ENOLOGO n.3 mar. 2021
Experiences of using the MCRS for quality winemaking
Benefits of MCRS in sparkling wine production
L’ENOLOGO n.11 nov. 2020
Naturalia Ingredients: To make wine 100% from grapes
Chemical and microbiological purity of MCRS
Brochure Assoenologi 2020
Naturalia: First and only manufacturer of solid MCR
Interview with DG Maurizio Cambrea
Vigne, vini e qualità n.5 July 2018
Crystalline grape sugar: two years of experimentation
Microbiological characterization of MCR and MCRS


Interview with Nicola Di Paolo, sales manager of Naturalia
Intervista a Nicola Di Paolo, responsabile commerciale di Naturalia, durante le attività del 76esimo congresso nazionale di Assoenologi tenutosi a Brescia nel Novembre 2023.
Open Day in Naturalia | 25-26 Maggio 2023
Wine, with Naturalia the quality of MCRS
Mandatory in 2023 for wine producers to indicate the list of ingredients used on the back of the labels. The role of Naturalia in the sustainability of the wine supply chain.
Nicola Biasi - Advantages of using MCRS in refermentations
Nicola Biasi, oenologist and technical coordinator of the Wine Research Team, talks to us about the results of the experimentation on the use of grape sugars in refermentations
Stefano Ferrari of ISVEA on the benefits of MCRS
Stefano Ferrari ISVEA - Satisfactory results from the use of MCRS
Use of sugars in refermentation
Intervista a Riccardo Cotarella, Presidente di Assoenologi, sull’uso degli zuccheri nella rifermentazione.
Ten years of passion and innovation
Naturalia Ingredients was born in 2009 from the idea of ​​offering the world market a new product: natural fruit sugars in crystalline form.
ISVEA: Results of the tasting of sparkling wines produced with different types of sugar
The results of the tasting of the sparkling wines examined by ISVEA revealed the advantages of using MCRS in refermentation practices and demonstrated greater finesse and elegance of wines made sparkling with MCRS compared to those produced with other types of sugar.
Naturalia Sugars: the crystalline sugars of fruit
Riccardo Cotarella interviews Maurizio Cambrea
The President of Assoenologi Riccardo Cotarella interviews Maurizio Cambrea, Managing Director of Naturalia Ingredients